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The secret is out. The future is here.
Your days of searching for a powerful means to reach your target audience are over.
Discover a marketing tool that’s not limited to any industry or campaign. Enter the world of promotional video.

Mint Media, a leader in multimedia solutions, is committed to providing the power of film to corporations and non-profits. Offering start-to-finish services – starting at quality script preparation, employing the latest trends in film and animation, and following through to distribution – Mint Media guarantees a flawless production.


All businesses depend on marketing to properly function. By limiting cutting-edge marketing budgets, it's akin to stopping your watch to save time. With the availability of YouTube, the number two search engine in the world, no business can afford not to have video presence. Whether it’s an animated video of your service or product, a testimonial video about your company, or simply an entertaining commercial, Mint Media will help you stand out.


Honorary dinners have become an almost nightly experience, as of late. A short, engaging program will make your event the event that people look forward to, rather than an obligatory attendance. Many event coordinators are replacing their standard programs with a video, allowing control over the length of the speeches and holding the attention of even the most easily distracted audiences. Whether you’re planning a dinner, an online fundraising campaign, or anything in between, a well made video is sure to attract attention and encourage donations.


Your nursing facility has been totally remodeled. There’s just one problem: no one knows about it, except for you. If you’re having a hard time getting potential clients to view your facility, simply bring the facility to them with a virtual tour. A fully customized script and professional narration is prepared to showcase the unique facets of each facility. The narration accompanies high quality video footage which is filmed at your facility, giving people a tour from the comfort of their own home.



With a strong passion for film production, and an urge to provide refreshing multimedia, Mint Media was born. Built on a foundation of high tech film skills, talented scrip writing, and flawless project coordination, Mint Media has become the company of choice. Standing true to our reputation, each project is addressed with personal attention, and treated as if it’s an only child. 
With a deep understanding of people, we know how to bring out your message. Comprehending your target market, how they think, and what they respond to, helps us create multimedia that brings results. We don’t shoot, edit, and distribute – we create! Let us help you create a refreshing production today! 

Why not make your advertismint someone else’s entertainmint?!!



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